The Hunter GSP9700 Wheel Balancer

The Hunter GSP-9700 Road Force measurement balancer road tests the mounted tire and wheel to effectively measure the uniformity of both and greatly reduce the amount of weights required to provide the smoothest possible ride.

Smooth-rolling tires and wheels can be the difference between having a smooth driving experience or a shaky one. When tire and wheel tolerances are not correct, ride vibration occurs.

A typical passenger car tire mounted on an alloy wheel weighs about 40 pounds. The total amount of imbalance is typically no more than three to four ounces, or about one-half of one percent. An improperly balanced wheel being off even an ounce or two can cause vibration at highway speeds. Heavier wheel combinations, especially those used on light trucks, require more weights to maintain the same low percentage of imbalance.

In order to assure customer satisfaction, FAST Equipment makes sure products go through testing before shipment. Done at no additional charge to our consumers, this ensures that they will have a seamless installation. Upon demonstration, clients will learn how the GSP9700 Vibration Control System goes far beyond the traditional capabilities of a wheel balancer. In addition, the GSP9700 Vibration Control System also “road tests” the mounted assembly. This will confirm virtually every aspect of a tire and wheel combination that might contribute to a vibration.

Hunter’s exclusive Road Force Measurement System to help detect potential tire uniformity & causes of vibration that are not balance-related. This system utilizes a “road roller”. This applies up to 1,400 pounds (635 kg) of force against the wheel assembly to measure their combined uniformity. This simulated road force test helps verify if the assembly is “round” when rolling under load.

The GSP9700 Vibration Control System can also measure lateral and radial rim run-out (out of roundness or side-to-side movement). This will identify and separate wheel run-out from tire run-out. The system then calculates the contributions of the wheel and the tire to a potential vibration and presents the service specialist with easy-to-follow instructions on the appropriate corrective actions.

Hunter’s patented Force Matching(TM) feature activates when the wheel is bordering acceptable tolerances. This aligns the high point of the tire with the low spot of the rim. Ride quality is maximized by minimizing the effects of tire force variation and rim run-out. A wheel or tire can be found to be out of tolerance. When that happens, another will replace it that is within tolerance. Once acceptable uniformity has been confirmed & corrective actions have been completed, the technician can continue with precision wheel balance.

Consider the Hunter GSP9700 Wheel Balancer from us. FAST Equipment is Florida’s #1 dealer for Automotive Shop Equipment & place to go for your Car Parking Lift System or Commercial Valet Parking Lift System.


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