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Hunter Auto34S Tire Changer

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The Auto34S tire changer combines simple operation and unmatched capability

Easily and safely change the world’s toughest tires and wheels. The Auto34S is the most advanced leverless tire changer in its class, with a simple three-button control, memory function and diameter control, the Auto34S saves time and takes the strain out of mounting and dis-mounting difficult wheel and tire assemblies. Including a large 34” rim capacity to service over-sized, low-profile and run-flat wheels safely and easily. Also, the Auto34S has automated functions together with a powerful, high-torque motor. Hunter’s Auto34 Tire Changer Service brochure offers literature illustrating the features and benefits of the tire changing system:

Hunter Auto34S Included Parts

  • Quick Clamp
  • Pin Protector (2)
  • Pin Extension
  • Air Chuck
  • Traction Bar
  • Lubrication Oil
  • Glasses
  • Bead Starting Tool
  • Paste
  • Paste Brush
  • Support Plate Cover (2)
  • Tool head (2)
  • Two-sided Cone
  • Mirror

Hunter Auto34S Accessories

   >  Flange Plate Kit – Ideal for plastic-faced wheels or reverse wheels where maximum protection is needed.
>  19.5 Inch Wheel Adapter – Adds clamping capability for 19.5 in. wheels with large center holes.
>  Basic Flange Plate Kit – Ideal for shops that handle plastic-clad wheels without need of reverse applications.

Hunter Auto34S Tire Changer Product Specification

Adjustable Clamping Height Yes
Power Requirements 208-230V, 15A, 50/60Hz, 1 ph NEMA 20 amp plug, L6-20P
Air Supply Requirements 115-175 psi (8-12 bar)
Shipping Weight 1,150 lbs (521 kg)
Dimensions (W x H x D) 48″ x 72″ x 80″ (1,219 x 1,829 x 2,032 mm)
Mount / Demount Tool Polymer Self Inserting Leverless
Clamping Type Center w/Quick Clamp and Cam Plate
Bead Loosening Type Upper / Lower Roller
Match Mounting Capable Yes
Rim Diameter Range 10-30 / 12-32 / 14-34 in.
Maximum Tire Diameter 50 / 52 / 54 in. (1270 / 1321 / 1372 mm)
Maximum Wheel Width 19 in.
Drive Variable up to 14 rpm CW 7rpm CCW Torque: 867 ft-lbs (1175 Nm)

Highlighted Features

Memory Function

Returns mount head to rim height & Saves time and mistakes

Diameter Control

Operate all diameter functions from a single point & Retains diameter until reset

Quick Clamp with Cam Plate

Safely secures wheel through hub & Speeds clamping process

Mount/Demount Rollers

Gently rolls bead from rim & No rim contact

Wheel Lift

Space-saving design & Easily and safely lift large assemblies

Wheel Support Plate

Handles wide range of wheels, Provides extra gripping force & Three adjustable work heights

Push-Button Controls

Simple, three-button control & Easiest operation in its class

Leverless Tool Head

Positions bead without levers & Prevents damage to tire and rim

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