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Hunter Road Force Touch GSP9700 Wheel Balancer

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This Road Force Touch model delivers exceptional balancing service.

Hunter’s GSP9700 performs a balance service faster than traditional wheel balancer.

In addition, the Road Force Touch solves wheel vibration problems that traditional wheel balancers can’t fix.

The included SmartWeight® feature can improve a car’s ride quality. Also, cut wheel weight costs 30-40%, saving money on wheel weights and labor.

Product Specifications

Rim Width 1.5 in. (38mm) to 20 in. (508mm)
Rim Diameter 10 in. (254mm) to 24.5 in. (622.3mm)
Max Tire Diameter 40 in. (1016mm)
Max Tire Width 20 in. (508mm)
Max Wheel & Tire Weight 175 lbs. (80kg)
Placement Accuracy 512 positions, +/- .35°
Imbalance Resolution +/- 0.01 oz. or 0.5ms
Radial Force Measurement Accuracy 2 lbs., 10N (1.0 kg)
Radial and Lateral Runout Accuracy .002 in. (0.05mm)
Roller Force up to 1,400 lbs. (635 kg)

Highlighted Features

Now With More Speed!

Perform a Road Force® test and balance faster than a traditional balancer!

Touchscreen Interface

Intuitive interface & Quickly train new technicians

eCal™ Auto-Calibration

True “self-calibration” & No operator input required

Diagnostic Load Roller

Solves vibration problems, Identifies vehicle pulls & Provides “new car ride”

Auto-Up Hood

Saves time & Speeds operations


Ensures proper centering & Eliminates setup errors


Improve balance, Minimizes weight usage & Maximizes productivity

On-Demand Videos

Simplify training & Improve results

BullsEye™ Centering System

Optimize centering & Prevent wheel damage


View balancer usage & Track weight usage

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