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Hunter TC3900 and TC3700 Tire Changer

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The TC3900 center-clamp tire changer features a standard bead press arm and leverless tool head to enhance ease-of-use and prevent damage to the tire and rim. The TC3700 has standard tool head configuration.

Highlighted Features

Bead Press Arm

Helps mount difficult tires & Holds sidewalls into drop-center position

Blast Inflation

Directs bursts of compressed air to easily seat the bead

Adjustable Column

12″ to 28″ range

Motor and Drive – TC

15- and 7-rpm clockwise speeds, 15 rpm counterclockwise speed & 850-ft-lbs. of torque

PowerOut™ Bead Loosener – Optional

Ergonomic control handle makes large assembly service easy & Familiar side shovel design with standard protector sleeve

Leverless Tool Head

Positions bead without levers, Prevents damage to tire and rim

Center-Clamp Design

Simple clamping technique for all designs, Cam action multiplies clamping force & Three height positions.

Split Bead Roller System

Perform all bead breaking upright, Match mounting made easy & Easy bottom bead demounting

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