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Hunter TCX53 Tire Changer

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Tips for choosing a Hunter TCX53 Tire Changer

Some things to consider when purchasing the Hunter TCX53 Tire Changer:

Side Shovel First of all, the side shovel arm and mechanism is the most abused component on a tire changer. Due to the size and heft of this system, it is an “easy-to-spot” indicator of the Hunter TCX53 tire changer’s durability.
While there is not a direct correlation between weight and durability, stronger tire changers from Hunter generally weigh more.
Press Arm Option
More difficult tires usually require press points. Verify that press arms are available for any Hunter model you select. Are they available as an upgrade? Ask yourself this because you may want them later.
Breadth of Product
Various Hunter tire changers are optimized for certain types of tires. While the best companies offer varying styles of equipment, none should provide “one-size-fits-all” offerings.
Wheel Protection
This is vital with today’s high performance specialty wheels. As a result, reputable Hunter tire changer equipment have wheel protection built into every contact point with the rim or tire.
Since today’s tires take more torque to service than historical equipment, it is important to pay particular attention to the power choices available. Most of all, you should probably consider  the 220V options.
Filters, Lubricators, Regulators
High quality tire changers use high quality air conditioning components. This will ensure proper operation and long service life.
Training Assistance
Hunter offers training at installation, on-site training, training videos, a decent operation manual, etc.. This is especially relevant to ensure the best safety practices.
Another consideration is that tire changers have a rough life. Consequently, the warranty agreement is a statement of confidence on the part of the Hunter company.
Service Support
Finally, all products break or need adjustment over their lifetime in the shop environment. Therefore, when you purchase from a Hunter you partner with a solid service organization all the same.
Most of all, study your choice of supplier such as FAST Equipment. Hence, they should demonstrate knowledge of tires, wheels and proper service techniques. Furthermore, do they have knowledge resources available? Ask if they challenge themselves as much by demonstrating difficult assemblies. Perhaps they are simply a re-seller. There are enough specialized tire changer companies with broad product choices. There is never a reason to choose a “re-seller” option!

Product Specifications

Standard equipment as follows: Multi-arm bead press system and cones Steel mount head with polymer inserts Polymer mount head Standard bead lever Bead lever protectors (polymer) Shovel protectors (polymer) Hi-grip jaw protectors (polymer) Infl ation system Four storage pockets

Highlighted Features

Bead Press System – TCX

Tremendous power/control, Aids mounting/demounting & Auto-centering simplifies operation

Wheel Lift Option – TCX

Eases servicing of large assemblies


Heaviest model in its class & Long service life

Class-Leading Rigidity

Rigid chassis reduces damage risk and operator effort

Easy-to-Use Adjustable Tabletop

10- to 26-in. clamping range, All jaws adjust simultaneously for mistake-free clamping & Hi-grip jaws covers add mounting torque and protect wheels

Conventional Configuration

Polymer head for mounting/demounting & Steel head with polymer insert for wheel protection

More Torque

Unique 110V or 220V motor generates more torque than popular air or electric models

PowerOut™ Bead Loosener

Fingertip control eases service of large assemblies


  • TCX53E Electric motor
  • TCX53EW Electric with wheel lift
  • TCX53EL Electric with leverless mount head
  • TCX53ELW Electric with leverless mount head, wheel lift
  • TCX53A Air motor

Because of continuing technological advancements, specifications, models and options are subject to change without notice.

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