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Viewing Collision Repair

Chief Collision Repair Tools

Chief Automotive Technologies offers the most extensive line of body repair equipment.


  • frame machines
  • measuring tools
  • anchoring systems
  • welding
  • aluminum repair
  • aluminum welders
  • vehicle specification products

Chief aggressively develops and launches innovative products.  Because of this, shops of all shapes and sizes become more productive and successful. We offer everything you need for any collision repair.

They offer collision repair shops a total repair solution. We supply equipment to diagnose and identify collision damage. These machines will repair the damage through pulling the frame, replacing parts or welding. Another plus is that the vehicle will be documented as returning to the original manufacturer’s specifications. The level of sophistication Chief welders offer goes beyond just melting two metals together. Data reporting on weld strength, automatic tool recognition and similar technologies provides repair technicians with more time to repair and less worry about ever-changing demands on the collision industry. It will make you so happy. Probably because vehicles are being repaired faster with better results. In turn, this will make your shop more profitable.

Entering The Age of Design Based Repairs

Training Designed Based Repair HomepageMost of all, CA Technologies is one of the world’s largest manufacturers of high-quality collision repair products and services. Including frame-pulling equipment, vehicle-anchoring systems, measuring systems, and vehicle frame specifications. This manufacturer is known as a leading provider of comprehensive training on structural analysis, measuring, collision theory and design based repair.

Since Chief’s collision repair equipment is more powerful, their tools are much more versatile and capable than ever before. This product line is specifically designed to service modern cars and trucks. Vehicles designed and manufactured today are technologically light-years ahead of vehicles that rolled off the assembly line just a few short years ago. There is a fundamental shift in how vehicles are conceived and built. This is why you need a company like Chief behind you!

Moreover, CA has several Design Based Repair Systems® on the market today. They also guarantee there is more to follow. These systems are specifically designed to allow shops to use the “Best Way Technology™” available to make the appropriate repairs. Additionally, Chief offers diagnostic products to assist in validating the status of vehicle systems. This is done once repairs are made. Also, while working to address the issue of quickly locating OEM vehicle data. You can finally get comfortable with Design-Based Repair, because it is the future of the collision repair industry for so many years to come!

It really seems Chief will be here to help you navigate that future for a very long time!

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