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Self-Evacuating Waste Oil Drain

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American Lubrication Equipment Portable Self-Evacuating Waste Oil Drain

Featuring the 24-Gallon Portable Self-Evacuating Waste Drain by American Lube.

This large-capacity drain includes a 23.8 gallon steel tank, 15 3/4″ diameter metal drain bowl. The 24″ diameter plastic drain bowl extension is removable. In addition it comes with storage tray, 4 casters, built-in fluid gauge and a drain hose with hooked metal spout.

It is good that the tank holds 50% more waste than standard 16-gallon drum-mounted waste drains. This means the user will perform more changes before having to evacuate the unit. The removable plastic drain bowl expansion funnel with built-in filter screen provides support for draining oil filters, and uses standard shop air set at 8 PSI to evacuate the drain into a conventional waste holding tank.

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