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  • Read and follow the guidelines in the lift’s owner’s manual. Maintenance and inspection requirements vary for different styles and brands of vehicle lifts.
  • The owner’s manual will cover the specific needs of each lift.
  • Schedule annual lift inspections for all vehicle lifts.
  • This inspection should be performed by a factory-authorized technician.
  • The lift manufacturer can recommend authorized service companies in your area.

The ALI is a trade association that provides manufactures of automotive lifts. They are throughout the U.S., Canada and North America with the most current regulatory information available.

  • Whether maintenance is performed in-house or by an outside service company, be sure to insist on genuine OE replacement parts.
  • OE parts were designed by the lift manufacturer to original design specifications.

Aftermarket parts are reverse-engineered and may not use the same materials or incorporate the latest design changes. ALI recommends using OE parts to ensure proper fit and function. Using aftermarket parts on an ALI-certified lift may void that lift’s certification.


ALI Certified Lift Inspectors qualified to inspect any manufacturer’s vehicle lifts

They must be in accordance with ANSI/ALI ALOIM-2008. This is the national standard covering vehicle lift operation, inspection and maintenance. There are even more ALI Certified Lift Inspectors found in Rotary Lift’s RAI network. Comparatively more than in other manufacturer distribution channels. Rotary Lift is the first manufacturer to support the ALI Lift Inspector Certification Program. This includes a certification requirement for its service network, the company claims.

In conclusion, there are approximately 400 RAIs across the United States. 60 percent of them currently have employees enrolled in the ALI Lift Inspector Certification Program. Ron Lainhart, parts and service manager for Rotary Lift and an ALI factory designated trainer. We are requiring the rest of our RAIs to enroll a participant by the end of 2014. That said, Rotary Lift inspectors are fully equipped to meet the changing needs of the vehicle service industry. The ALI Lift Inspector Certification Program has professionalized the vehicle lift inspection process. Start adapting now and don’t be left behind.

Factory-trained RAIs

These are the exclusive providers of Rotary Lift warranty work. Licensed distributors ONLY can be authorized to install Rotary Lifts. Most notable is the SmartLift and MOD series. They are environmentally friendly in-ground lifts and heavy-duty parallelogram lifts. Customers receive enhanced warranties for all lifts installed by RAIs. To ensure fast service, RAIs keep the most common Genuine Rotary Parts in stock.

RAI companies are located in all 50 states. The new requirement put an ALI Certified Lift Inspector close to most lift users. Annual lift inspections are required by ANSI. Codes are enforced by local, regional and national health and safety officials. Annual inspections protect employees, reduce lost days, maintain productivity and lower repair costs.

The ALI Lift Inspector Certification Program provides third-party verification that an inspector is qualified to inspect any vehicle lift. All ALI Certified Lift Inspectors must meet prerequisites and pass two exams to complete the program.

Inspector certification is not easy to achieve. It takes time and dedication

ALI Certified Inspectors have committed themselves to a challenging program. Notably, there is the tremendous value for a lift owner to hire a qualified inspector. Everything about their inspection procedure is standardized. Most of all, being approved by ALI ensures they will not overlook something a non-certified inspector might miss.


Rotary Lift

FAST Equipment is a Rotary-authorized dealer. We have a solid reputation of upholding to the highest quality standards of Rotary and the ALI.  


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