Video: Lift Inspection Importance

Video: Lift Inspection Importance


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Fast Equipment is the one-stop shop for all your new and used automotive equipmentAutomotive Lifts, as well as Service Tools & Equipment needs in Florida.

In addition, we provide vehicle garage parking solutions as well as quality automotive lifts and service equipment for residential and commercial establishments. Since 1979, we are recognized as apart from the rest. This is because we have a constant clientele of repeat business and customer referrals through word-of-mouth advertising to boot.

We are proud of our solid array of accredited commercial and residential customers. From homeowners and single-bay shops to high volume fortune 100 companies – all whom depend on us for their car storageautomotive lifts and service equipment needs. Not to mention, we keep them all working smoothly!

Services We Offer

Equally, whether it is a new construction project, business expansion or updating equipment – Fast Equipment guarantees quality service. Moreover, we pride ourselves on our ALI-certified technicians who place emphasis to go over and above to meet the satisfactory expectations of our clients. In any way, they have all have helped to establish a reputation for us as the finest service department in all of Florida!

Fast Equipment provides garage repair and car storage parking solutions to over 100 Automotive Dealerships and repair facilities, not to mention:

>  National Retail Super Centers

>  Large Fleet Service Centers

>  Government Agencies

>  Local City & State municipalities

>  Local Schools, Colleges & Universities

>  Sports Stadiums and Concert Arenas

>  Airports and Helipads

>  Police and Sheriff’s Departments

>  Hospitals, Institutions and Health Clinics

… and more!!!

We install and service everything we sell!


If you need a lift or new or used automotive equipment – we have the selection you need to get your custom garage up and running.

Consider are our 4-post lifts, 2-post lifts, mid-rise car lifts or home garage lifts. Compare the features, benefits and specifications of our lifts to find the one that works for you.

Contact us anytime for a 10-minute consultation. We discuss ways to save on your automotive solutions while keeping with the latest technologies.

Be ahead of the curve with FAST Equipment.

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