The most common parking challenges today for apartment and condo development projects is how to handle parking.  As land becomes more expensive and lots for construction become more oddly shaped and space constrained, parking is often the difference between a project that pencils out and one that does not.

Here are the some common issues and how FAST Equipment can help:

         I can’t get enough parking for the number of units I need.

Lift systems increases the density of parking by 50% or more

Automated stacking systems take advantage of the vertical space that’s lost with conventional parking.  Unlike parking only on grade, it can store cars from two to five levels above grade, and one level below–so optimal parking space count is achieved.

We can also help you to find ways to increase parking so that more residential units can be built on a space constrained site, helping a developer get the returns needed to get their project over the finish line.


                                  Parking takes up too much space

The possibilities are endless!

Regardless of whether your city requires a parking minimum or a parking maximum, parking is probably the lowest value use of land for your residential development.

Klaus and Parkmatic parking systems remove the space needed for ramps and concrete floors.

This makes it possible for freed-up space to be re-allocated for additional floors, ground floor retail, storage, recreation, or outdoor space.


            The cost of below-ground conventional parking is prohibitive

Stacked parking can help reduce the depth needed for excavation and in some cases eliminates it completely.

All-in cost savings of 40%+ are common.

multi-level-car-lift-storage-automated-parking-system-klaus-parkmatic-4-level-auto-parking-lot-lift-sliding-parking-system-2post-4post-lift-fast-equipment-automotive-garage-4-4-level-auto-parking-lot-lift-sliding-parking-systemConventional parking above grade costs easily start at $20K per space and goes up from there.

A FAST Equipment parking system space costs between $11K and $14K and alleviate parking challenges.

Moreover, consider costs and space for:

♦  steel

♦  concrete

♦  elevator depths

♦  ventilation

♦  doors

♦  stairwells

These are all the things that come from conventional parking structures, however will no longer be required.

The Bottom Line

FAST Equipment utilizes KLAUS and PARKMATIC manufacturers as solutions for Stacked Automated Parking. These lifts eliminate space and lower the cost per space for parking.  There is no need to build a 100% conventional parking garage for a residential development ever again.

Do any of these challenges sound like your project? 

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