Vehicle Storage Lifts

Vehicle Storage Lifts/Storage Lifts/Garage Car Parking/Car Parking lifts have become very popular especially for the typical residential home hobbyist in the past few years.

They are primarily used to store owners classic cars that have limited garage space.

These vehicle storage lifts range from many different lifting capacities. They range from 7,000 lbs. to 60,000 lbs.

In addition, models are available with additional rise for larger vehicles, vans & SUV’s which must be stored underneath runways. Some models can require additional ceiling height since the upper vehicle must clear the ceiling.

The garage door may be modified by a garage door company to allow more overhead clearance. You may have to install track extensions. Then it will be possible for the door to open in a position close to the ceiling. Optionally, by moving the garage door motor or installing a wall-mounted garage door opener, can allow to create additional clearance.

2-post lifts will support the vehicle by 4 adjustable arms. These contact the frame or rocker area. This style lift is most sought after by mechanics and for wheel-off service. In contrast, a 4-post vehicle service lift is appropriate for heavier vehicles. When the lift requires no positioning of arms, the 4-post runways are easy to drive onto and operate.

In conclusion, if you are deciding on the right 2-post or 4-post vehicle service lift, then you have arrived the right place.


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