Choosing the right lift for your garage & Vehicles.

Here at Fast Equipment we offer a variety of different lift options to accommodate for different vehicles & garage spaces. This will help you get a better idea of what lift is right for your vehicles and garage space.

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The Direct PP8S is one of the smallest footprint lifts that we offer. The top of the lift will accommodate your standard vehicles, Sports Compacts, Classic & Muscle Cars. up to 68″ of under clearance & 80 1/2″ of drive through width for the bottom. This lift works great even in some challenging storage spaces.


The Direct PP8PL Is the step above the standard PP8S. The main benefit is the 81″ of Under clearance, allowing you to park your SUV’s & Trucks under, and leaving the top for your standards, compact sports & Muscle cars up top. it also gives you a drive through width of 86 1/2″, and an extra 1′ 6 1/2″ of length.


The Direct PP9P gives you the most drive through width of the line up, With wider runways & a wider track to accommodate a variety of different vehicle’s, SUV’s and Trucks. The 79 1/2″ track width is great for sports cars & muscles cars that are wider 75″, while still being able to cover smaller vehicles as well. Up to 79 1/2″ of under clearance, and 97″ of drive through width on this lift.


The GTX C-8 WIDETRACK Offers a smaller footprint but with a wide 80″ track to accommodate sports, Muscle cars & SUV’s up top & 78″ of clearance under the runways for your bottom vehicles. The C-8 also comes with longer lightweight ramps & polished diamond plated aluminum center decks that look great & also help protect the bottom vehicle from oil & heat.

GTX C-6 Single Post

The GTX C-6 is a space saving lift, that leaves a cleaner looking garage area & and the same time showcases your vehicles. The single column gives you more space for parking under the lift its self. This lift also comes with polished diamond plated aluminum center decks to help protect the bottom from oil, dirt & heat. The C-6 Is offered in 2 different widths to support standard & wider sports cars. 

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