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Accu-Line TC400 Tire Changer

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Product Specifications

Length 45"
Width 52"
Height 80"
Shipping Weight 930 lbs.
Max Tire Diameter 45"
Max Rim Width 16"
Rim Diameter Range (for internal locking) 14.5" – 29"
Rim Diameter Range (for external locking) 12" – 27"
Max Bead Breaker Opening 14"
Bead Breaker Force 5,800 lbs.
Required Air Pressure 120 – 150 psi
Max Working Pressure 8 – 10 bar
Power Supply 110V AC

Highlighted Features

  • Designed for performance low-profile, stiff sidewall and run flat tire and wheel assemblies up to 29” diameter.
  • The TC400 is equipped with two pneumatic assist assemblies to provide a bead press roller for lubrication and holding bead in drop center during mounting. For best results, the bead roller is positioned on the right, next to the mounting head for maintaining proper bead position in the drop center, removing tension from the mounting head, allowing lubrication of the tire and rim and assisting with insertion and removal of the tire tool.
  • The patented roller is integrated with the swing arm and is pneumatically released and swung out of the way by the touch of a button for ease of operation when not in use.
  • The left mounted pneumatic assist assembly is equipped with a wheel press adapter for externally clamping low-profile tires. A follower arm (for depressing the bead and maintaining at the elevation of the rim drop center) is used for ease of mounting. An adjustable disc assembly is provided to assist in raising and holding the tire up while mounting.
  • A powerful bead breaker assembly delivering up to 3 tons of force.
  • A bead blast tire inflation with the jets integrated into the movable clamping jaws and controlled by a front mounted pedal for ease of operation.
  • A complete polymer rim protection kit for protection against the jaws, side shovel and tire tool including a polymer mount / demount head.
  • A pneumatic locking head device that automatically raises the mount head up off the rim, securely locks then heads in place by the touch of a button.
  • The air supply is protected by a filter, regulator, lubricator to provide clean, lubricated air at the desired pressure for years of trouble-free service.

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