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EBS Brake Fluid Flush

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EB-20 #1000-0020 Brake Fluid Service

Highlighted Features

  • Self-contained brake fluid extraction, flush, change and bleed equipment
  • Computer controlled through a touch pad system and LCD screen
  • 110 vac powered, switch and fuse protected, converted to 12 vdc for operation of all internal parts.
  • 22 ft. power cord with power cord holder attached to cabinet
  • Equipment cabinet made from heavy-duty industrial grade polyethylene which provides for the safe and secure containment of new and waste brake fluid within the equipment
  • Cabinet contains a built-in sturdy handle with locking front wheels and large 8” rear wheels for safe and easy movement
  • Easy connection of up to ½ gallon or 5 gallon new fluid containers
  • Adapters are easily connected and cover 99% of vehicles
  • Adapters vent air out of the master cylinder reservoir to prevent air from entering the brake system
  • Includes controllable handgun wand for vacuuming fluid from the master cylinder – can also be used for fill needs
  • All service hoses have a 1 to 3ft. clear section for visual ability with a 10ft. fill hose, an 8ft. vac hose, 2-10ft. front bleeder hoses and 2-17ft. rear bleeder hoses
  • A combination of pressure (10-20 psi) at the master cylinder reservoir adapter and vacuum at all 4 bleeder valves provides a safe and effective fluid service of the hydraulic system
  • Separate 12-volt pressure and vacuum pumps each rated at one gallon per minute pumping capacity to provide a flow of approximately ½ quarts per minute through the vehicle’s hydraulic system.
  • Pump pressures, no flow warnings, waste pump levels controlled and monitored by the computer
  • A sensor in the waste tank advises when the 7 gallon waste tank requires emptying
  • A separate waste pump switch and waste hose is accessed from the rear of the equipment
  • Bar code control of new fluid used in the equipment (option)

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