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EBS Coolant Flush

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EC-1 #1000-0070- Coolant Service

Highlighted Features

  • A self-contained coolant extraction, flush and change service equipment – reverse flow
  • Adapter set covers 99% of vehicles
  • A valve on the adapter allows for regular coolant flow to check thermostat operation and flushing material function, then is opened for EBS reverse coolant service after turning the engine off. The engine does not have to be at operating temperature to perform the service.
  • 110 vac powered, fuse protected, converted to 12 vdc operation 22 ft. power cord with power cord holder attached to cabinet
  • Easy to use, 3 position electrical switch controls the service
  • A reverse flow through the cooling system provided by a combination of pressure (25 psi) at the engine and vacuum at the radiator
  • Separate fill and vacuum pumps each rated at one gallon per minute pumping capacity to provide a flow of approximately 1 gallon per minute through the vehicle’s cooling system.
  • A priming valve between service hoses to quickly prime pumps or empty remaining new fluid to the waste tank if desired.
  • The ends of the adapters are marked to show proper attachment
  • All quick connects on hoses are double shut off
  • A controllable handgun wand for vacuuming coolant from the vehicle’s radiator and hoses
  • Equipment cabinet made from heavy-duty industrial grade polyethylene to provide for the safe and secure containment of 8 gallon new and 8 gallon waste tanks within the equipment
  • Cabinet contains a built-in sturdy handle to assist in movement of the equipment
  • Locking front wheels and large 8” rear wheels provide ease of movement
  • Easy top fill of new coolant tank A third 12 vdc, 3.7 gallon per minute rated pump , switched On the rear of the equipment for emptying the waste tank
  • Additional utility items include, protective gloves, overflow tube clamp, and extension hoses

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