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Rotary SMO14-SW Shockwave Four Post Service Lift

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SMO14-SW 14,000lb Four Post Shockwave™ Equipped Lift

Rotary’s SMO14-SW provides a 2X Faster rise and descend than a standard 4-post lift*.

Versatility: it’s the standard to which Rotary Lift’s four-post lifts are built. These lifts handle cars, vans, trucks – even light and medium duty commercial vehicles with ease. If you service a wide variety of vehicles then Rotary four-post auto lifts are the right choice for maximum productivity.

Shockwave™’s DC power system gives you lower cost and more reliable operation while using two standard Group 24 batteries**. Shockwave™’s built in battery charger uses 110v power, eliminating the need for expensive 20v wiring – an installation savings of 80% or more!

Gene Byrd, Fixed Operations Director for Ed Morse Automotive Group talks about his experience with Rotary Lift’s Shockwave Equipped Smartlift Trio. See how Shockwave could help your business.


For the home enthusiast, this is the first step in building your custom garage. Thank you for calling us for your automotive 2-Post Lifts, 4-Post Lifts. We also carry Motorcycle Lifts,Tire Shop and Garage Equipment.

Moreover, What to expect – Installation Process will show you how we combine over 35 years of skill and know-how. We guarantee that what seems complicated will actually be the most seamless buying experience for you.

Do you know what kind of lift you’d prefer?

Considering 4 post lifts, 2 post lifts, mid rise car lifts or home garage lifts? We have the selection you need.

We can help you compare the features, benefits and specifications of our lifts to find the one that works for you.

If a lift still seems like too much effort and money, consider how sore you were the last time you did a big job underneath the car? In turn, how much licensed chiropractors charge per hour to work on your back?

A high-quality garage lift makes car repair far more civilized and comfortable and should be tops on your list of future garage tools.

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Product Specifications

Specification SMO14 SMO14-L SMO14-EL
Max. Wheelbase 158" 182" 215"
Rise 73 3/4" 73 3/4" 73 3/4"
Overall Length 19' 2" 22' 23' 8"
Overall Width 11' 8 1/2" 11' 8 1/2" 11' 8 1/2"
Inside of Columns 116 1/4" 116 1/4" 116 1/4"
Between Front and Rear Columns 170 3/4" 194 3/4" 227 3/4"
Height of Columns 9' 1 1/16" 9' 1 1/16" 9' 1 1/16"
Width of Runways 20" 20" 20"
Height of Runways 7" 7" 7"
Width Between Runways 43" 43" 43"
Lifting Capacity 14,000 lbs. 14,000 lbs. 14,000 lbs.
Motor 5 HP 5 HP 5 HP
Voltage Single Phase 110V 110V 110V
Time of Full Rise 35 seconds 35 seconds 35 seconds
Time of Full Descent 18 seconds 18 seconds 18 seconds
Min. Bay Size 15' x 23' 15' x 26' 15' x 28'

Highlighted Features

Rotary® Lift Shockwave™ ROI Calculator

Don’t take our word for it. See what adding a Shockwave lift can do for your shops bottom line, and see it in real dollars.

Just answer these 4 simple questions and the ROI Calculator will tell you the rest: 

  • How many bays are in your shop?
  • What is your average profit per job?
  • How many days are you open per week?
  • How many weeks are you open per year?

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