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Why Choose Rotary?

Rotary SPO12 Symmetrical Two Post Lift

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The Rotary SPO12 sets the standard for reliability and quality in 12,000 lb. lifts.
More dealers and independent repair shops choose the Rotary SPO12 because of its reputation for quality and reliability. With a standard feature set that can’t be beat, it’s easy to see why. Every SPO12 comes standard with our exclusive single piece “double S” column, front and rear three stage arms, stackable thread-up truck adapters and Rotary piece of mind. Customizable features include low ceiling or extended height settings. Or choose to supercharge your lift with Shockwave.






For the home enthusiast, this is the first step in building your custom garage. Thank you for calling us for your automotive 2-Post Lifts, 4-Post Lifts. We also carry Motorcycle Lifts,Tire Shop and Garage Equipment.

Moreover, What to expect – Installation Process will show you how we combine over 35 years of skill and know-how. We guarantee that what seems complicated will actually be the most seamless buying experience for you.

Do you know what kind of lift you’d prefer?

Considering 4 post lifts, 2 post lifts, mid rise car lifts or home garage lifts? We have the selection you need.

We can help you compare the features, benefits and specifications of our lifts to find the one that works for you.

If a lift still seems like too much effort and money, consider how sore you were the last time you did a big job underneath the car? In turn, how much licensed chiropractors charge per hour to work on your back?

A high-quality garage lift makes car repair far more civilized and comfortable and should be tops on your list of future garage tools.

Contact us or Call us at 800-225-7234 to find out how we can help you accomplish more space at less cost.


Product Specifications

Specification SPO12
Capacity 12,000 lbs.
Rise 80 1/4"
Overall Height 13' 8"
Required Ceiling Height 14'
Overall Width 11' 5 5/8"
Drive-Thru Width 8' 6 3/8"
Front Arm Min/Max 27 1/2" – 59"
Rear Arm Min/Max 27 1/2" – 59"
Min. Adapter Height 4 3/4"
Motor 2 HP
Voltage 208v – 230v
Time of Full Rise/Descent 60 secs. / 40 secs.
Min. Bay Size 12' x 26'


Why Choose Rotary?

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