Why does Rotary Lift sell more professional lifts than anyone else in the world? The answer can be summed up in one word:


You can trust the fact that no brand of lift performs better or more reliably than Rotary Lift, helping to ensure the lowest total cost of ownership while protecting your profit stream.

Trust that every Rotary lift reflects the commitment to innovation that has made Rotary the lift leader.

Also trust that Rotary Lift will continue to lead the industry in the manufacturing of lifts in an ISO9001-certified facility, with each lift designed to meet applicable ANSI standards. That they’re fully supported by the industry’s most extensive network of factory-trained professionals for specification, installation, parts and service. And that Rotary lifts are engineered, designed, tested and certified for years of dependable income production.

When buying your next automotive lift, go beyond anyone’s promises. Consider the answers to all of the questions outlined here before you decide. By thoroughly exploring your purchase, you’re making a decision based on a lift’s total cost of ownership.

It’s the kind of investment that pays for itself quickly, and then gives a lift to your bottom line – every day you do business.

There’s more to choosing a lift than browsing the Web for the cheapest model. After all, you’ll use it in your shop every day. That means you need to be sure you’re buying one that’s truly up for the job.

Our guide can help you make the right choice.

Download the Lift Buyer’s Guide to learn about:

  • Hidden ownership costs you might have overlooked
  • What to look for in a warranty
  • The importance of support after the sale

“The Lift Buyer’s Guide,” what to look for when buying your lift.