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Our Price: 3,393.00

The Rotary Revolution RTP10 two post lift is a commercial grade machine that hold up to 10,000 lbs. capacity.

This versatile equipment allows a customer to lift a vehicle either symmetrically or asymmetrically. It comes with a free set of adapter extensions (mounting hardware optional).

Rotary Revolution RTP10 Parts Diagram


For the home enthusiast, this is the first step in building your custom garage by calling us for your automotive 2-Post Lifts, 4-Post Lifts, as well as Motorcycle Lifts,Tire Shop and Garage Equipment.  Moreover, What to expect – Installation Process will show you how we combine over 35 years of skill and know-how. We guarantee that what seems complicated will actually be the most seamless buying experience for you.

Do you know what kind of lift you’d prefer? Whether you’re considering 4 post lifts, 2 post lifts, mid rise car lifts or home garage lifts, we have the selection you need. We can help you compare the features, benefits and specifications of our lifts to find the one that works for you.

If a lift still seems like too much effort and money, consider how sore you were the last time you did a big job underneath the car, and how much licensed chiropractors charge per hour to work on your back. A high-quality garage lift makes car repair far more civilized and comfortable and should be tops on your list of future garage tools.

Call us at 800-225-7234 find out how we can help you accomplish more space at less cost.

Product Specifications

Capacity 10,000 lbs.
Rise 77"
Overall Height 143-1/8"
Overall Width 131" (optional 137")
Drive Through Clearance 97" (optional 103")
Overhead Switch Height 136-1/4"
Front Arm Reach (Min/Max) 23" / 44-1/2"
Rear Arm Reach (Min/Max) 38-7/8" / 58"
Min. Adapter Height 3-5/8" / 10"
Width Inside Columns 109-3/4" (optional 115-3/4")
Voltage / Amps 208/230, 20 Amps
Motor / Phase 2 HP / 2 HP / 10*
Min. Ceiling Height 144"

Highlighted Features

  • Overhead padded switch bar to avoid vehicle damage from being raised too high
  • 3-Stage front arm design enables you to position vehicle doors in front of or behind columns to avoid door damage
  • Top mounted pull design hydraulic cylinder. The piston rod is protected behind the carriage to prevent damage
  • Overhead cable equalization
  • Spring operated arm restraints, disengage at floor level
  • Single point lock release
  • Two full-stroke cylinders with overhead cable for equalization
  • Large rubber-padded swivel adapters with extra height extensions – Optional truck adapters are available.
  • ALI Certified

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